"We've Got This!"
"I DO"
We Did It!
Waiting For Her Prince
Lasting Love
Showing Their Heart
Just Between Them
Love Everlasting
A Mother's Love
Love On The Knoll
Solitary Figure
My Mom was always my inspiration that started everything for me in photography.  I remember watching her when I was little, and remember the joy that transformed over her face as she was clicking away on something that caught her eye.

She passed only a short time ago and I miss here dearly.  Although she is not here with me physically, I know that she is watching over me and guiding me on this journey of photography that she unknowingly started for me. Shutterbug
Best Buds...
These two are just absolutely awesome!  I was honored to be asked to snap a few photos for them.                             In Love
      The Stroll
Private Time
Best Friends
Hello There!
Feeling The Beat
Alone Time
I Did It !!!!
                               Future "Toggs"
                               Mr. Hollywood
Fellow Tog
I Did It!